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AntiFastBridge | BedWars/SkyWars Addon

by MinecraftPluginCloud


In stock:
  • AntiFastBridge by plxDev

    Used this plugin to get the old BedWars back and to quickly ban the new methods.

    - Disallow "FastBridging"
    - Disallow "OneStack"
    - Allow to place "CobWebs" fast
    - Allow straight "Stacking"
  • AntiFastBridge von plxDev

    Nutze dieses Plugin um das Alte BedWars zurück zu holen und um die neuen Methoden schnell zu bauen zu verbieten.

    - Verbiete "FastBridging"
    - Verbiete "OneStack"
    - Erlaube "CobWebs" scchnell zu platzieren
    - Erlaube gerades "Stacken" in die Luft
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