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»BuildFFA | MapChange, Effect events, Region system «

by Squatic


In stock:

You are searching for a open source BuildFFA system with many features?

Then you are exactly right here!

Info: To use the sourcecode, the skills of a developer are required! Multiverse-Core is also required.
This project was developed in eclipse, but you can also import it in Intellij or other programms.

But theres also a jar :)

There was an update, please use the version 1.2, otherwise the plugin will not work correctly! Changelog is also included. (Thanks to CevinOhne_K)


For a small payment I could also change the sourcecode for you.
If you are interested, you can just contact me via dm.


- MapChange
- Effect events
- MySQL support for stats
- Full access to the source code
- Own inventory sorting
- Placed blocks disappear automatically
- Ranking system
- KillStreak with rewards: <Slingshot seat and rescue platform or Enderpearl(Random)>
- Own region system to create safe zones.


- /next: Skips the map.
- /setspawn<Mapname>: Sets the spawn for specific map.
- /setpeace<rg1 | rg2>: Sets the safezone.


- /next: BuildFFA.next
- /setspawn: BuildFFA.admin
- /setpeace: BuildFFA.admin


- First go to your map spawn and set the spawnpoint with /setspawn<Mapname>.
- Then type in /setworldspawn and /mv setspawn
- Mark and set the safe zones with /setpeace <rg1 | rg2> You have to mark it like a cube, so rg1 at the bottom left
and rg2 at the top right. If you left this zone the game inventory is loaded automatic.
Btw you can just set one safezone per world.
- Go to your multiverse config and set "firstspawnworld" to false.

After you have done this, just stop and start your server and everything should work now.

If you got any issues just write me. :)

I guarantee no functionality when changing the sourcecode!


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