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» BuildSystem ➤ BauSystem | Own WorldSystem, GUIs, many Features «

by CodeForLife


In stock:

You are searching for a advanced Buildsystem with many features?

Then you are exactly right here!


- Own World System
- World GUI
- Warps
- Many commands
- All commands can only be executed with certain permissions
- Fields can not be trampled
- Join- & Quit messages.
- ChatSystem(Guests, Builder)
- Evil commands(Like /kill /summon) are blocked
- Actionbar & Chat Messages


- /day: Sets time to day.
- /tp: Teleports you or other players
- /night: Sets time to night.
- /gm | /gamemode: Switch your or other's current gamemode.
- /skull <Name> : Gives you the head of a specific player.
- /speed <1 - 3>: Changes your fly speed.
- /setwarp <Warpname>: Sets a specific warp-point.
- /delwarp <Warpname>: Deletes a specific warp-point.
- /warp <Warpname>: Teleports to a specific warp-point.
- /world tp <Worldname>: Teleports you to a specific world.
- /world create <Worldname>: Creates a specific world.
- /world load <Worldname>: Loads a specific world.
- /world delete <Worldname>: Deletes a specific world.
- /worlds: Opens a GUI, enumerated with all worlds, also others information are given as lore(Seed, players, difficulty etc.)


- /day: System.day
- /tp: System.tp
- /night: System.night
- /gm | /gamemode: System.gamemode
- /skull <Name> : System.skull
- /speed <1 - 3>: System.speed
- /setwarp <Warpname>: System.setwarp
- /delwarp <Warpname>: System.delwarp
- /warp <Warpname>: <None>
- /world tp <Worldname>: System.world
- /world create <Worldname>: System.world
- /world load <Worldname>: System.world
- /world delete <Worldname>: System.world
- /worlds: System.worlds


- First set the Spawn-Point with "/setwarp Spawn"!
➥ Otherwise some functions will not work!


If you got any issues or questions feel free to DM me! :)
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