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Demon Skull

by History BuildTeam


In stock:
150 blocks
150 blocks
150 blocks
Skywars Maps
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    Today we bring a map of the Skywars minigame, which can also be used for Bedwars, LuckyIslands or any other minigame of the same theme.
    The map consists of 12 spawns and chests already placed on the map.
    The rest, you can see in the following images.


    In antiquity, 4 demons faced each other causing a huge deterioration of the terrain. The earth succumbed to the great power they possessed.
    They fought for years without respite or rest, until the demon king got tired of waiting and condemned them all by throwing a huge meteorite.
    The 4 died and now only remains of them, their skulls and a few bones. But what remains is still the land where they fought.


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