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Helping methodes for beginners | Spigot + Scourescode

by CracketDev


In stock:
This plugin works not on a minecraft server, there are only methodes you can use for programming !

In the plugin there are many differently mehodes like:
  1. Two different countdowns
  2. A clickable text
  3. A firework with effect
  4. Two different ways for commands
  5. A custom Filebuilder
  6. A Filereader
  7. An advanced GameState
  8. An itemstack with color datas
  9. A main instance

The scourescode is made for "eclipse" !
The Plugin was made for beginners, so they can learn some new things !

The plugin is in the "Beta", i will update it as often as i can.
If you have questions, please ask me here:
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