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MCWildWest(EU) | System SourceCodes

by Squatic


In stock:

» By purchasing this product you will get:

➥ Secrets
➥ Goldrausch(Own MiniGame | finished)
➥ TheRobbery(Own MiniGame | not finished yet)
➥ LobbySystem(NEEDS the CoinsAPI and CloudNet to work, becuase of the LobbySwitcher, and Server GUISystem)

► Teleporter
►Profil(Customized Gadgets, PlayerHider, LobbySwitcher)
► GUISystem, to join others servers on the bungeecord network
►Daily Reward
►Loading Animation
► and more.. :D

➥ CoreAPI
➥ Duell(Own MiniGame | not finished yet)
➥ 2x WesternFFA Maps.
➥ 1x Waiting-Lobby

Btw, you will get schematics from the Maps. ;)
You can completely change the code to implement your own ideas, for example.
After buying this, you can write me a dm, so I could send you the concepts. :)

Have fun. :p
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