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by Prisemut


In stock:
This buildtool been developed for every builder who needs help setting up buildings. The tool is easy to use, and perfect for setting up fast and solid.


</pit> = Main Command
</pit files> = File Command
</pit make> = Comamnd for making interior
</pit files move [File]> = Command for moving file from WorldEdit schematic folder or Fawe schematic folder to InteriorTool folder
</pit files check [File]> = Command for checking file in InteriorTool folder
</pit make manuell> = Command for making interior

Speacial Informations:

Maximum schematics in folder: 80
Special thanks to ThomasEsc
For sourcecodes, please contact me!
A detailed guide is included!

Discord: Prisemut | Tristan#0559
E-Mail: [email protected]
You can contact me also on twitter: @PrisemutTristan

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