» SkyPvP  + SourceCode | Animated GUIs, Own ShopSystem, many features «

» SkyPvP + SourceCode | Animated GUIs, Own ShopSystem, many features «


You are searching for a skypvp plugin with many features?

Then you are exactly right here!


- Own ShopSystem with many categories(Blocks, Armor, Weapons etc.)
- Animated kit gui (3 available kits player, premium, youtuber)
- WarpSystem
- SQL CoinSystem no database needed
- Stats
- Scoreboard
- Join- & Quit messages.
- Killstreak with special items(like rescue plattform, boost seat, enderpearl)
- AntiTrample for fields
- Hotbar sound
- Automatic respawn
- Full access to the source code

- /kits or /kit: Opens the kit gui.
- /money or /coins: Shows your coin amount.
- /set <Warpname>: Sets a warp point.
- /warp: Teleports you to a specific warp point.
- /stats<Name> : Gives you the stats of a specific player or your own.
- /setshop: Spawns a villager for the shop.
- /setcoins<Warpname>: Sets the coins from a specific player.


- /kits: skypvp.yt or skypvp.premium
- /setcoins: skypvp.admin
- /set: skypvp.setup
- /setshop: skypvp.admin


- First set the Spawn-Point with "/setwarp Spawn"!
➥ Otherwise some functions will not work!


If you got any issues or questions feel free to DM me! :)
First release