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Spooky Halloween | Halloween Plugin for Spigot 1.8.8

by CracketDev


In stock:
  • Spooky Halloween
    ⮱ Commands and Permissions
    /halloween addLocation pumpkin | add's a new Location | 'halloween.admin'
    /halloween stop | stops the plugin | 'halloween.admin'

    ⮱ What features do Spooky Halloween has?
    spawns bats next to you (with particles)
    spawns Lightning next to you
    2 scary sounds (config)
    makes pumpkin to Lantern and back (with lightning and particles)

    use 1.8.8
    don't sell the plugin or give it other people, decompile the java plugin, and so on!

  • Spooky Halloween
    ⮱ Commands und Permissions
    /halloween addLocation pumpkin | fügt eine neue Location hinzu | 'halloween.admin'
    /halloween stop | Stoppt das Plugin | 'halloween.admin'

    ⮱ Welche Features bietet die Spooky Halloween?
    spawnt Fledermäuse neben dir
    spawnt Blitze neben dir
    spielt 2 gruselige Sounds (config einstellbar)
    Blitzschlag in Kürbis- Kürbis wird zur Latern und wieder umgekehrt

    benutze 1.8.8
    Verkaufe das Plugin nicht weiter, gib es nicht als deines aus, bearbeite den Sourcecode nicht, decompile das Plugin nicht, verschenke es nicht!

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