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by CracketDev


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This plugin is and advanced minecraft ingame Support plugin for Spigot 1.8.8. This plugin hasn`t a config file. If you want to change something, you have to make it in the scr code !
You can use it for your minecraft Server. Most of the features are already avaibel.
A few features comes withe the next update ! Be excited :D



This support plugin was made for smaller spigot 1.8.8 servers. It probably works on other versions. The plugin has many features and is good in performance. All commands and permissions are below in the sector "Commands " and "Permissions". In the sector "ToDo List", you can see the things that are planed for the future.

In any case, this plugin makes your server better.



The TODO- List:
  • 1. That already accepted tickets can`t saw again
  • 2. Autodelete after 2 hours
  • 3. That you can write your problem with and without a mute.
  • 4. A few better performance
  • 5. A better detailed "support" file
  • 6. Ideas for the future... :):)



  • </support> ✅
  • </support delete> ✅
  • </ticket count> ✅
  • </ticket list> ✅
  • </ticket> ✅
  • </ticket login> ✅
  • </ticket logout> ✅
  • </ticket reply (num) (text) ✅
  • </ticket delete ✅
  • </chatmode> ✅
  • </chatmode deny <player>✅
  • </chatmode accept <p> ✅
  • </ticket info> ⛔
  • Mysql ⛔

(Short info : All features with ✅ that logo already work perfect. All features with ❎ that logo have a little error or such don`t work well and all features with ⛔ that logo are planed for the next Update. They will sure come !


  1. </support> - "support.support"
  2. </support delete> - "support.support"
  3. </ticket count> - "support.ticket"
  4. </ticket list> - "support.ticket"
  5. </ticket> - "support.ticket"
  6. </ticket login> - "support.toggle"
  7. </ticket logout> - "support.toggle"
  8. </ticket reply ... > - "support.reply"



import org.bukkit.entity.Player;

import net.support.main.Utilis;

public class API {

    public void addquestion(Player player, String question) {

        Utilis.createSectionFile(player, question);


    public void removequestion(Player player) {

        for(int i = 0; i < Utilis.cfg.getInt("Tickets"); i++) {
            if(Utilis.cfg.getString(i+".name") == player.getName()) {



This plugin hasn`t a config, so you have to change all things in the scourescode !
In the new Update, there will be a better performance, a config and some new features !
If you want to ask me something: chunkfactory.com/conversations/add?to=CracketDev
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