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»WorldSystem | WeltenSystem 1.16 «

by Perantic


In stock:

You are searching for a buildsystem with a worldgui?

Then you are exactly right here!


- Own World System
- World GUI
- 1.16 compatible(1.16.1 tested)
- 5 worlds per player perfectly for stem servers(Active WorldSystem). Every player can have 5 worlds Maximum. If they create a world they will get an active world added to their account. If they delete a world, which was created by themself, they will get an active world removed from their account. This data is saved locally in WorldSystem/stats.yml


- /world: Help command
- /world tp <Worldname>: Teleports you to a specific world.
- /world create <Worldname>: Creates a specific world.
- /world load <Worldname>: Loads a specific world.
- /world delete <Worldname>: Deletes a specific world.
- /worlds: Opens a GUI, enumerated with all worlds in the config.


- world: worldsystem.world
- /world tp <Worldname>: worldsystem.tp
- /world create <Worldname>: worldsystem.create
- /world load <Worldname>: worldsystem.load
- /world delete <Worldname>: worldsystem.delete
- /worlds: worldsystem.worlds


- First copy the BuildSystem folder and paste it in your plugin folder. Then go to WorldSystem/Worlds.yml and set
"world" to your default world. Mostly its "world". To see your default world, open the server.properties File and look for

- After you have done this, just paste the WorldSystem.jar into your plugin folder. That's it! :)


If you got any issues or questions feel free to DM me! :)
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