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Buy Minecraft arenas

If you are looking for high quality arenas for your server, then Chunkfactory is the place for you!

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Many of our sellers have made it their business to create numerous maps in various sizes and themes and offer them for sale here.
Currently, we are offering over 110 different arenas, which have been created over a period of several years.
Besides small arenas where two teams play against each other, you can also find large Skywars maps that are designed for multiple players.
And the best thing is, there are more and more of them!
Since we have active sellers and producers, the next maps are probably already in development.
So if you haven't found a suitable schematic yet, you can eagerly wait for the next releases!

Minecraft Arena

Sell Minecraft arenas

If you want to sell your personal creations, but want to avoid going through endless and annoying discussions with customers?
In that case Chunkfactory may just be the right thing for you!

Every creative builder has the opportunity to become a seller in the Chunkfactory.
So if you want to sell arenas or other products of your own, all you have to do after creating an account is to write a short, cogent application.
Having seen this, we can judge if your shown quality is sufficient for the rank of the seller.
If your application is convincing, you will receive the first rank in our ranking system.
The more arenas or other products you offer, the higher your seller rank and therefore your profit share will be.

What we offer:

  • a completely automated personal shop for your products
  • 24/7 availability
  • multiple payment options with guaranteed security
  • detailed statistics of your products
  • an up to 60% cut for your products
  • easy and automated promotion and distribution of your products via the shop panel

In order to be able to sell your products, you have to fill out an application form to apply as a seller. Your cuts on the purchase of your products will be dependent on your rank, which is defined by the amount of creations your shop panel offers.
More information about ranks here.

We wish you good luck on your potential application!

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