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If you are looking for high quality Lobbies for your server, then Chunkfactory is the place for you!

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Many of our sellers have made it their business to create numerous maps in various sizes and themes and offer them for sale here.
Currently, we are offering over 300 different lobbies, which have been created over a period of several years.
Besides small Lobbies where only a few players can explore their surroundings, you can also find large maps that are designed for multiple players at a time.
And the best thing is, there are more and more of them!
Since we have active sellers and producers, the next maps are probably already in development.
So if you haven't found a suitable schematic yet, you can eagerly wait for the next releases!

Minecraft Lobbies

What is a Minecraft lobby?

Minecraft lobbies are also referred to as server spawns. This is because the player spawns or emerges in the map. The term "server spawn" should actually be used as an umbrella term for all types of lobbies. Large server spawns are often referred to as server hubs. If you want to buy a Minecraft lobby that is very large and has a lot to discover, you should search for Minecraft hubs. Our shop even has an extra category for it: Hubs

Minecraft Hubs You can also download a free server hub from our website. It was built by Pixelbiester.
Here you can watch a video of the free server hub:

Why is a Minecraft lobby so important?

A lobby is always the first thing a player sees when entering a server. Therefore it should be obvious how important this map is. It represents your server network. That's why you should not save too much money when buying this product. A good option is to buy a premade map and then have it customized a little by yourself or by architects. You could, for example, let your own server name float in the air in the lobby or add a statue of the server mascot. It's also possible to get lobbies built by a large build team, such as Pixelbiester. But then you have to expect to pay a lot of money for a Minecraft spawn. We therefore recommend starting with a cheaper lobby, personalizing it and upgrading it at some point when your own network is running well. Some of the products that you can buy on our site are even available in different versions so that you can use a Christmas version of the map in winter or a Halloween version of the map in autumn, for example.

Two versions of a build

What is the difference between a normal lobby and a waiting lobby?

Our product range also includes waiting lobbies. In this type of map, the player just waits for a game mode to start. You need this kind of map to collect enough players for a minigame. Since the players are waiting for the actual game mode, there should always be something to do in such a map. A small jump and run parkour, for instance, is great to avoid boredom. When purchasing the Minecraft map, you should pay close attention to whether you need a waiting lobby or a server lobby. When purchasing a Minecraft lobby, you should pay attention to the following:
  • The product should fit you and your server concept (the theme of the building should fit).
  • The price–performance ratio ought to be realistic:
    not too cheap because the lobby is the heart of your server
    not too expensive because you don't know yet how well your network will be received in the Minecraft community (we recommend investing no more than €150 to get started)
  • The lobby should be structured in an understandable way so that the players can easily orientate themselves.
  • There must be enough space for portals or other teleportation options that bring the player to the game modes.
You now have all the information you need to buy a Lobby! If you want to know more about building good lobbies or even plan to offer some for sale here yourself, then you might have a look at the following paragraph.

Minecraft Server Hubs

Build your own Minecraft lobby

Before you start building or buying a lobby, you should consider what kind of map you want to build. The best thing to do is to choose a theme. It can also be beneficial to collect images of lobbies you like in a mood board. If you get stuck later in the building process, you can simply take a look at the collected inspirations and get new ideas very quickly. Nevertheless, it will be important that you do not imitate anyone. Find your own style and don't try to copy products. As a buyer, it is always better to stick with the original than with a cheap copy.
As a first step in the building process, we recommend creating a building plan ingame. This way you can determine the proportions and later only concentrate on design. The lobby is only a waiting or transition area and should therefore be structured clearly and simply. It's important that players can find their way to a game mode without having to search. Therefore many of our lobbies have large portals that you can use to teleport to a game mode chosen by the server owner. You don't have to use portals, though. It's also okay if you just leave a free area where the future server owners can set teleportation locations themselves.

Minecraft NPCs

After the planning is complete, you can start building. For some maps, it makes sense to work with assets that you can put together later. For example, trees can sometimes be used twice or even more often. If you adjust an asset after pasting it, you can save a lot of time and create larger products.

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Sell Minecraft lobbies

If you want to sell your personal creations, but want to avoid going through endless and annoying discussions with customers?
In that case Chunkfactory may just be the right thing for you!

Every creative builder has the opportunity to become a seller in the Chunkfactory.
So if you want to sell lobbies or other products of your own, all you have to do after creating an account is to write a short, cogent application.
Having seen this, we can judge if your shown quality is sufficient for the rank of the seller.
If your application is convincing, you will receive the first rank in our ranking system.
The more Lobbies or other products you offer, the higher your seller rank and therefore your profit share will be.

What we offer:

  • a completely automated personal shop for your products
  • 24/7 availability
  • multiple payment options with guaranteed security
  • detailed statistics of your products
  • an up to 60% cut for your products
  • easy and automated promotion and distribution of your products via the shop panel

In order to be able to sell your products, you have to fill out an application form to apply as a seller. Your cuts on the purchase of your products will be dependent on your rank, which is defined by the amount of creations your shop panel offers.
More information about ranks here.

We wish you good luck on your potential application!

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