[Lobby] » Magical Village » 700x700

[Lobby] » Magical Village » 700x700

Added 1.16 world and schematic, where new 1.16 blocks have been added. So this build now fully supports new versions.

[+] 1.16 world with 1.16 blocks
[+] 1.16 schematic with 1.16 blocks
1.12 blocks in the boat have been replaced to 1.8 blocks. The build is primary for 1.8 and the blocks in the boat have disappeared every time you loaded the world on a higher version than the primary one

[%] 1.12 blocks have been removed

- Interiors have been added to the houses and to the main castle.
- Near the spawn has been added parkour that ends on the castle roof.
- Added Info table on the spawn left side.

[+] Interiors
[+] Parkour
[+] Info table

We got a suggestion for an improvment to remove the gap between the castle and the wall and we did it. It looks better now. And small issues fixed.

[%] Removed the gap
[%] Some leaves were falling, fixed
[%] Removed light blue concrete from a tree