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Сompact Spawn/Lobby bundle №2

by CreativeDucks


In stock:
Сompact spawn/lobby bundle
A compact spawns for your server (PC/MPE).
Include 4 super cool maps !
1) https://chunkfactory.com/product/aquamarine-compact-spawn-lobby.1239
2) https://chunkfactory.com/product/deadland-compact-spawn-lobby.1240
3) https://chunkfactory.com/product/junglegi-compact-spawn-lobby.1241
4) https://chunkfactory.com/product/owl-forest-compact-spawn-lobby.1242
Each map has:
- spawn point
- portal
- place for information
- 2 place for the chests/case
- shop
- portal
- enchanting and repair place
See the 3d model for better understanding. If you have any problems, please write us in skype. Quack quack ...
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