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Spawn or Waiting Lobby

by HomoUrsus


In stock:
200 blocks
100 blocks
100 blocks
This is a mix of Spawn and the Waiting Lobby in one concept.
The lobby is more and more closed but this will not stop you from going to different places. In spawn, everything is more open, there are also 3 places for the NPC. Both of the buildings have a spawn place over the water pipe

A little bit about building

The building itself is not large but not small. To many, it may seem small. But even in this size, there are many places to spend time. For example, in the back tower there are already 2 entrances under the spawn. In one of them there is a warehouse of wine barrels and other garbage. And in another passage to the tunnel, but it is closed. The second entrance to this tunnel at the place where there are places for the NPC
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