1. Japanese Village - Server Spawn

    Japanese Village - Server Spawn 0.1

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: 3D Viewinng: Click All In-Game Screenshot Here THE SPAWN HAS: 12x NPC 8x Crates 1x Portal Interior at houses PvP Arena Mine japanese Temple Rice Field FILE FORMATS: .schematic IMPORTANT!!! Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 (because the leaves...
  2. Halloween Hub

    Halloween Hub 2023-10-12

    350 x 350 asian themed 'Halloween Hub' built by YUU, Misoh_ and Flexx47 on sirium.network.. The product comes with a spawn, infoboard and slots for NPCs.. Download file works from 1.19.4 up to latest version!
  3. Samurai Spawn

    Samurai Spawn 2023-09-26

    400 x 450 Samurai Spawn, built by Misoh_ on sirium.network... It holds a spawn, several NPC stands, a leaderboard and crates.. The .Schematic works from 1.19.4 up to latest version
  4. Oriental Build Pack

    Oriental Build Pack 1

    Oriental Build Pack This oversized oriental garden pack is an all-purpose schematic pack for any type of project. Add these objects to your lobby, hub, garden, or solo project! Get creative with the possibilities...
  5. -| Arena pack |- 6x 1v1 Arenas |

    -| Arena pack |- 6x 1v1 Arenas | 1.0

    Dimensions: Full arena: 110x130 PvP area: 60x40 THE ARENA CONTAINS: A Japanese 1v1 Arena A Nether 1v1 Arena A Snow 1v1 Arena A Atlantis 1v1 Arena A Clock Tower 1v1 Arena A Desert 1v1 Arena IMPORTANT!!! Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 (because the leaves from trees...
  6. -| HUB |- Chinese Kingdom | 300x300

    -| HUB |- Chinese Kingdom | 300x300 1.0

    Map information - 3D Model: Click Here Dimensions » 300x300 « Description Chinese Kingdom is Asian theme hub with lots of details. It has a spawn point that looks directly at the big Palace and above it is a big dragon. In front of the stairs of the palace are places for NPCs, on the right...
  7. 5 PvP Arenas

    5 PvP Arenas 0.1

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: More screenshots here: Imgur album 3D Viewing: Click IN PACK HAVE: Medieval Arena Japanice Arena Sci-Fi Arena Kingdom Arena Nether Arena FILE FORMATS: World, .schematic IMPORTANT!!! Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 (because the leaves from...
  8. Asian themed Lobby

    Asian themed Lobby 1.19.2

    Asian lobby size 200x200. With 2 types of Statues - Dragon and Samurai. This beautiful temple is surrounded by big bamboo's and Cherry blossom tree's.
  9. [HQ] Prison Mines Pack 9 Beautiful Different Mines 1

    [HQ] Prison Mines Pack 9 Beautiful Different Mines 1 1.0

    The map is supported for all versions from 1.8.8 The size of each build is 150x150 and the size of the mining area 60x60 Disclaimer: The map must have /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 else the ferns, nether warts and leaves will disappear
  10. oriental spawn

    oriental spawn 1

    Oriental spawn The build includes: -big clock -huge tree -2 big scale structures -landscaping -dragon The theme of the build is Oriental, and it has a fantasy vibe on it. The build is in total 330x330. I build it by myself, and you cant buy this build anywhere else.
  11. Oriental Conquest Map/KOTH

    Oriental Conquest Map/KOTH 2017-12-19

    Oriental Conquest Map/KOTH This is an oriental/japanese themed Conquest map (5 capture points), but can also be used as a KOTH with the main capture point being in the center of the central structure. There is nice terrain with rivers, bridges, fitting cherryblossom trees and more. [Size approx~...