1. Mushroom Portal Lobby

    Mushroom Portal Lobby 1.0

    MAP INFORMATION FIle Format ➔ .Schematic Size ➔ 500x500 Theme ➔ Medieval Version ➔ 1.12+ Npc Area ➔ True Shop Area ➔ False Map Type ➔ Spawn High Quality ➔ True © 2022 Minelc Builds. All rights reserved.
  2. Medieval Town Hub - 125x125

    Medieval Town Hub - 125x125 1.0.0

    Map Description Welcome to our Medieval Minecraft Spawn! With stunning lanterns illuminating your path, you'll find yourself spawning on a small platform. As you venture forward, you'll notice a cozy square, where up to 6 NPCs can make their home. Straight ahead lies a large circular portal...
  3. Lobby/Spawn Royal Lobby

    Lobby/Spawn Royal Lobby 1.12

    **Royal Lobby/Spawn Map By Astraxtia** **Version 1.12.X
  4. White castle

    White castle 2

    A beautiful white castle built on the remains of a volcano - a volcanic island.
  5. Big Purple Castle Hub 380x380

    Big Purple Castle Hub 380x380 1.0

    The map is pretty big and beautiful and perfect for your server. The map has location for npcs in addition to also having a large area for its players to roam the kingdom, the map is well decorated and perfect for anyone looking for something very well made and built for your server for a fair...
  6. Modern Lobby

    Modern Lobby 2

    - without interior in houses; - 1 spawn point; - place for 10 NPC's (can be managed by you); - two boards (can be managed by you); - two portals.
  7. Spawn

    Spawn 1.12.2

    Minecraft spawn good for Bedwars,Prison,Survival,Skywars and ect.....
  8. Adri Server Hub

    Adri Server Hub 1.0.0

    The Spawn Contains: • Place for Crates • Designed spawn point • Place for five NPC • Detailed Nature Dimensions: • Blockcount: 235778 Blocks • Length (x): 220 Blocks • Width (z): 235 Blocks • Height (y): 92 Blocks IMPORTANT! If you buy this Resource, you get a Schematic File. You can paste...
  9. Erutan Plot Spawn

    Erutan Plot Spawn 1.1

    Erutan Plot Spawn The Spawn Contains: • Designed spawn point • Detailed Nature • Possibility to place Crates • Possibility to place NPC Dimensions: • Length (x): 42 Blocks • Width (z): 42 Blocks • Height (y): 32 Blocks IMPORTANT! If you buy this Resource, you get a Schematic File. You can...