1. Guardian Mine

    Guardian Mine 2023-10-02

    350 x 350 'Guardian' themed prison mine, built by YUU and Flexx47 on The mining pit can be filled up to 100x100x 47 blocks height, and the map comes with a simple spawn. Everything is built on a detailed artistic floating island.. The .Schematic file will work from 1.17 up to...
  2. Spawn

    Spawn 1.12.2

    Minecraft spawn good for Bedwars,Prison,Survival,Skywars and ect.....
  3. Medieval Prison Spawn

    Medieval Prison Spawn 2017-11-26

    Medieval Prison Spawn This is a Prison Spawn with a medieval theme, the spawn is fully surrounded by walls & structures making it so you can't escape/walk out. From the spawn area there is room for a few NPC's ontop of Pistons (situated in the middle right when you walk out of the spawn area)...