1. Aertus Hub/Lobby | High-Quality - 300x250

    Aertus Hub/Lobby | High-Quality - 300x250 1.0

    DESCRIPTION RESOURCE : A detailed hub, with an unusual island, a village, an area with places for NPCs, there is also a mine, and beautiful worked-out places on the island. VERSIONS : 1.12 SIZE : ~300x250 FOR SERVERS : 7 NPC PLACE 2 CRATES SCHEMATICS : 1.8 (soon) 1.12 1.13-1.18 (soon)...
  2. [Lobby] » Magical Village » 700x700

    [Lobby] » Magical Village » 700x700 Featured 1.5

    Size: 700x700 Incredible purple lobby surrounded by water Interiors: Yes Cost: € 14.99 Includes interiors and parkour 1 info table Places for 5 NPCs Places for 4 Crates Square Windmill and fields Villages Castle Spawn point area Ports with ships Giant forests with spruce and oak trees...
  3. Complete Server Bundle - Intoxicated

    Complete Server Bundle - Intoxicated 1.1

    Dieses Intoxicated Industrie Paket beinhaltet 5 epische Spawns und bilden somit einen kompletten Server: 200x200 Hub 200x200 Skyblock Spawn 200x200 Factions Spawn 200x200 KitPvp Spawn 100x100 Creative Spawn Diese Serie hat einen sehr außergewöhnlichen und seltenen Baustil. Wir bieten dir hohe...