1. BedWars Western

    BedWars Western 1.0

    BedWars ❯ BedWars Western Arena Dimensions - 200 X 200 Version - 1.8+ RESOURCE FILES World File Schematic File 8 Teams 4 emerald generators 4 diamond generators Java Edition ✅ BedRock Edition ✅ MCPE Edition ✅ ℹ️ - Use FAWE (Fast Async WorldEdit) for load the schematic ℹ️ - Before...
  2. Western HCF Road

    Western HCF Road 2019-01-06

    Western themed HCF Road (expandable to how long you want it). Has cacti and other western themed attributes!
  3. Bedwars Map - Sandstorm (Solo/ Doubles)

    Bedwars Map - Sandstorm (Solo/ Doubles) 01

    3D View recommended! Includes: player beds place for NPCs Generators: Spawn – Diamond – Emerald Team color indications Center island for PvP (Map can be used in 1.8) If you like this map, make sure you take a look at my other products. If you have any sort of problems or questions, feel free...
  4. Western/Mesa HCF Spawn

    Western/Mesa HCF Spawn 2017-11-12

    Western/Mesa HCF Spawn This is a Western/Mesa themed HCF spawn. The spawnpoint is in the middle and it's surrounded by beautiful mesa terrain mountains and hills. There is 4 paths leading to each direction, and also a big sign saying 'North' 'South' etc. There is a fishing area, crates section...