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Chunkfactory offers a selection of options to promote and sell your products. We offer our vendors a multitude of benefits and several security measures (More: Become a seller.
Our site has multiple vendor ranks which define if you are able to sell products and how great your cut percentages for your sold products are.

After a successful application, we will estimate on the basis of the quality of your creations what rank fits best for you.
To rank up, you need to offer more than four creations for sale (which have to be verified and accepted by Chunkfactory to be able to be sold).

We offer the following ranks:

Rank Your total cut
Rank 1: Iron Seller
Rank 2: Silver Seller
Received after 4 endorsed and listed products
Rank 3: Gold Seller
Received after 8 endorsed and listed products

If you are interested in earning some money with your creations, you can apply for free via this form.

Good luck!