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5 Island Server Hub [1.12+]

by HomoUrsus


In stock:
400 blocks
400 blocks
256 blocks
Warning!! For this Hub you must have FAWE plugin!!

Hello all!
This Really big server hub have more decorate. It has 5 island with a special theme.
On the main are the main jewelry. There are 13 places for NPC in Fortets, places for references, 3 index places, a chest of luck and a place of spawn. Around it are forests and landings, and houses of rich people, and also defense towers and a port. His sizes are impressive 229x268.
The remaining islands are purely decorative - among them: The water nation that lives in the ice. Aerial that lives on the islands above the ground. Fiery - as hellish, symbolic on their island hell and its subject matter. And the last - a nation of wild underground people that live underground in the forest.
That's all I can say about him, of course I can talk endlessly about how cool and cool he is, but you can buy something and decide only for you.
- 1 Spawnpoint places

- 3 places for ast

- 13 places for NPC

See my other work here
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