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Deep Space - Scifi Spawn or PVP map

by Solari


In stock:
130 blocks
45 blocks
80 blocks
Deathmatch Arenas
Abandoned in a failed convoy mission, the Hercules 07 was once the most valued battle cruiser in the UN Stellar Fleet. Once it was lost, the cruiser drifted for an eternity, and its shell was never to be found by humans again. However, it did not remain lifeless. A colony of fairies stumbled upon this strange floating mass of scrap metal, and needing a place to settle, they set up a small village on the ship. Over the course of nearly one hundred Keplar years, the fairy race terraformed, built, and thrived on Hercules 07. An atmosphere began to emerge around the ship, and it grew more and more into what seems to be a living mass instead of the empty shell it was known as by humans. In the depth of space, this human concept has become something totally new.

"We know so little about what's out there that its just a big fantasy."

This build is suited for use as a Spawn, Lobby or a unique PvP experience for those looking to get a build with a great concept behind it.
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