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Easy Schematic Creator [OUTDATED]

Minecraft Version
  1. 1.8
Easy Schematic Creation

----> This plugin won't get any updates <----​

  • Minecraft Version 1.8
  • Running Spigot Server 1.8
  • FAWE Plugin installed on Spigot Server 1.8

  • //esc help
    • sends detailed information about the command
  • //esc
    • main command to generate a specific amount of schematics

Command //esc help
This command displays detailed information about the main command in the game.
The following picture shows the result of its execution.

Command //esc
This is the main command of this plugin. It is used to generate the schematics. It has the following parameters which must be filled in order that the command will work out correctly.

//esc [schematic name] [schematic count] [gap] [suffix]
  • [schematic name]: This parameter should be quite obvious. It is just the base name of your schematics.
  • [schematic count]: This is the number of schematics which are in one row you want to save. For example //esc tree 5 0 1
  • [gap]: This parameter allows you to shift your region when you do have a gap between your single schematics. That way you don’t have to manually paste them right next to each other.
For this example the gap would be 0. Because the regions would be right next to each other. For the following picture the gap would be 1. Because the regions are shifted by 1 block.​
  • [suffix]: Normally you would just put 1 in here. But it can be useful if you have two rows of medium rocks (each row has 5 rocks) and you do not want to copy/paste them in one row. For the first you would type //esc mediumrock 5 1 1. And for the second row you simply write //esc mediumrock 5 1 6. That way you would have 10 different schematics.
First release