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Elections [1.8-1.15] ● Nominate, vote & win with ease

by Tosti


In stock:


Elections is a simple plugin that lets you create elections. Modify the election settings, till your happy and then the plugin does the rest for you! In these elections, you can nominate yourself, vote for other players and find out who the best player truly is.

● Please read the entire page before buying the plugin! ●

  • Awesome scoreboard
  • GUI for creating elections
  • 100% custom messages
  • Fancy titles
  • Really easy way to create elections
    • Set the position players are going to be running for
    • Set the time of each phase
    • Let players nominate themselves
    • Each player can set their own status
    • Unlimited players can nominate themselves
      • Option to set the maximum amount of players who can nominate themselves
    • Everybody can vote for these players and determine who the best player is
    • See the top 5 players with the most votes
  • Automatically continues election after server stop/restart
  • When the election is over, the winner or winners is (or are) declared
  • Automatically run one or multiple command(s) when the election finishes

» Admin Commands:
/elections create - Opens a GUI for creating an election
/elections skipStage - Skip to the next stage [Nomination Phase » Voting Phase » Finish Election]
/elections cancel - Cancel the current election

» Player Commands:
/elections help - Elections Help-Command
/elections run - Nominate yourself for the election [Nomination Phase]
/elections vote - Vote for the best player [Voting Phase]
/elections top5 - See the top five players [Voting Phase & after election]

  • elections.create
    • default: OP
  • elections.cancel
    • default: OP
  • elections.run
    • default: true
  • elections.skipstage
    • default: OP
  • elections.vote
    • default: true

  1. Buy & Download the Elections plugin
  2. Place the plugin in you plugins directory
  3. Start up your server
  4. If a file called "elections.data" is created, just ignore this. (It's required to resume the election after the server stops/restarts)
  1. Create an election with /elections create
  2. During the Nomination Phase, all players (with permission) can nominate themselves with /election run
  3. After the Nomination Phase (in the Voting Phase), all players (with permission) can vote for their favourite player with /elections vote

● You are not permitted to redistribute or reupload this plugin in any form
● You are not allowed to resell the plugin or post it elsewhere.
● Decompilation or modification of this plugin is allowed.
● No refunds will be granted under any circumstances
● I have the rights change the price of this plugin anytime and as I wish.
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