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Factions Spawn [UNIQUE SALE]

by InfinityBuilds


In stock:
500 blocks
500 blocks
250 blocks
This spawn is a unique build, done by InfinityBuilds. It's pretty large, fair warning on that. It has a subtle steampunk theme to it, with the whole fantasy size buildings, steampunk gears as a PVP arena, as well as an airship. Some of the interiors are left empty for future expanding, or whatever you would like to do with it. The main area includes 4 portals, the main portal, and 3 for the different kinds of Minecraft worlds (end, nether, overworld). It also includes an enchanting area, chest crate area, PVP arena, and plenty of room for shops. The small unattached houses also have been left empty for furnishing, or for plugin/shop use. In total, the spawn includes 5 multiple castle parts, 1 giant tree, 1 marble statue, and some giant plant organics, set on slate rock terrain for void pasting, or easily pasteable into soild ground.
Here is a folder of screenshots while working: https://imgur.com/gallery/o9JAC0v
And here is a folder for finished screenshots: https://imgur.com/gallery/N8og1F1
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