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[PACK] Lobby Bundle #2 ❯ 4x Hubs

by TheErikCZ


In stock:
Lobby Bundle #2 4x Hubs

Pack of 4 amazing lobbies, ready for big servers
Minecraft version: 1.8

Price of pack: 34.99 €
Price of all lobbies: 63.96 €
You'll save: 28.97 €

Includes 4 lobbies:
Cute Server Spawn ❯ Medieval Circle Lobby ❯ 350x350 Hub
Dragon Orange Village Spawn ❯ Lobby
Red Island ❯ Kingdom Village ❯ Lobby Spawn ❯ 250x250 Hub
Giant Lobby ❯ Winter & Normal Editions ❯ Medieval Village ❯ 600x600 Hub


Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 because the leaves from trees can fall down

By purchasing this you will get a schematics & Worlds files of all (4) included lobbies





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