QuickSG Plugin | 1.12 | Free Modification

QuickSG Plugin | 1.12 | Free Modification

IMORTANT: The Free modification is only for people, which really buy this plugin!

Hey guys,
I`m back with a new plugin. This plugin is the first Gamemode in the chunkfactory, its QuickSurvivalGames.
In few days there would be a map, extra for this plugin! Also in few days there would be a video about this plugin by me.
Hope u like it Prisemut :D

If you installed the plugin, go to your lobby and hit /setlobby, at the position where you would like to have your lobby..
After this, go into youre map an defiene with /setspawn [Number of the Spawn].
My tipp: Set at least 20 spawns, for variety.

-> /ainv
-> /creator
->/setspawn [Spawnnumber]

So, default min. players is 6, and default max. player 15.
If you have set the lobby and the spawns, the plugins will do all automatic!

Game Description:
After the 60seconds long lobby time, you are going to telport into a map, were you can loot chests, In my case, i`ve used prismarin blocks for the chests! In the chests are sword, armor and other stuff! The last person which live wins the game! The Server restarts.
First release