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QuickSG Plugin | 1.12 | Free Modification

by Prisemut


In stock:
IMORTANT: The Free modification is only for people, which really buy this plugin!

Hey guys,
I`m back with a new plugin. This plugin is the first Gamemode in the chunkfactory, its QuickSurvivalGames.
In few days there would be a map, extra for this plugin! Also in few days there would be a video about this plugin by me.
Hope u like it Prisemut :D

If you installed the plugin, go to your lobby and hit /setlobby, at the position where you would like to have your lobby..
After this, go into youre map an defiene with /setspawn [Number of the Spawn].
My tipp: Set at least 20 spawns, for variety.

-> /ainv
-> /creator
->/setspawn [Spawnnumber]

So, default min. players is 6, and default max. player 15.
If you have set the lobby and the spawns, the plugins will do all automatic!

For Support, Bugs and Modification report add me on discord:
Prisemut | Tristan#0559

Game Description:
After the 60seconds long lobby time, you are going to telport into a map, were you can loot chests, In my case, i`ve used prismarin blocks for the chests! In the chests are sword, armor and other stuff! The last person which live wins the game! The Server restarts.
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