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TTT ● Wie auf großen Servern ● SOURCECODE, Statswand, Config...

by bote100


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Trouble in Minecraft based on the original "Trouble in Terrorist Town” mode from Garry’s Mod and is a strategy and tactic game. A TTT Game contains a maximum of 12 players, who after 30 seconds protction time get 3 diffrent possible roles (Source: gommehd.net)


» Stats wall
» Sourcecode inclusive
» Traitor & Detective Shop
» Easy Setup
» PremiumJoin
» Stats (MySQL)
» Messages to 85% configureable
» Scoreboard
» Actionbar texts
» NickSystem-Support (as of v2.1)
» MOTD Support
» (nearly) all functions like Minesucht.net or GommeHD.net
» World and Player Protection
» Spectator-Mode


/addpass » Add a players diffrent passes » ttt.addpass
/forcestart » Start a Game earlier » ttt.forcestart


Premium-Join » ttt.premiumjoin

More infos:

Support on TeamSpeak: bote100.eu
You need: MySQL database, Spigot Server 1.8.8 R3

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