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Tyrant Forest

by History BuildTeam


In stock:
100 blocks
100 blocks
100 blocks
Science Fiction
  • [​IMG]
    The map consists of a spawn area in which there are several selectors for the different items, preferably this spawn is created for a minigame like "EggWars", "SkyWars", "Murder Mystery" or for what you like most in which you can select a map and play with your friends or alone.

    In addition, This map also has a section with a parkour, hoping to make the hub more fun, also contains a section to create a top and so fight for who will be the best.

    Finally, This map has been created in the style of Mesozoic / Jurassic Age, we can see a huge and fearsome T-REX touring the surroundings, the map also contains a variety of trees forming a little more thematic scene.

    Many years ago, in a Mesozoic age, in the Triassic appeared the first forms of the Jurassic World. We are observing one of these fearsome beasts, a T-REX, just before attacking a town.

    Can anyone survive?
    Soon we will discover it and we will notify the new news.


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