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Waiting Lobby or Spawn - War on Lake [1.12+]

by HomoUrsus


In stock:
300 blocks
300 blocks
256 blocks
Warning!! For this Hub you must have FAWE plugin!!
See more here: https://imgur.com/a/9luIOT6
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Some legend says...

Caution! On the left is a weapon!
As soon as you spawn here, you see a cannon shell flying at you on the left. Where is he from? This is the core of the enemy faction of Somalia, they are ready to kill anyone who enters their territory, sometimes it is difficult to imagine such a daredevil. They are very aggressive, even on their flag they paint a dispenser because they are always ready to shoot. Coming closer, you see that this outpost is beautiful inside. Despite their aggression, they value the comfort of their outpost. Cozy and small, which makes it possible to steal their resources, what they have outside, because there is little space inside.

The helpless, old fisherman Jack suffered the most from them. Usually his life is kept by the fish and the vegetable garden behind the house, alas, there is no fish this season. One hope for the vegetable garden ... But just recently, trouble fell upon him, one of the shells hit right into the garden.

After passing the outpost completely, you see a mysterious road. The path has been long, but you have come to the mountain of demons. This is what the Somali people call it. You have go to their main city. Along the perimeter of which there are two rows of wooden protective bayonets. The first thing you see is a large castle in front, most likely the head of the people lives there. The shields in the walls of the castle are like eyes, as if looking at you. Although you were able to enter the castle, but inside to the chapter is not. The castle is picturesque and compact, you noticed, it's hard to believe that the master lives here. To the left of the castle, you saw a strange structure on which people twisted a log in a circle. What is it? As one of the passers-by told you, this is a cargo hoist from the port. Going downstairs, you really saw the port.

The houses are neat and pleasant. You also see a bazaar with sellers of various interesting things.

You also notice that all the houses of the residents are like the house of fisherman Jack. As it turns out, he's not so bad. A long time ago he was an engineer in Somalia, but once he was very guilty before the head, he come to the people of Mali, where you came from. These peoples, Somalia and Mali, have been fighting for over a hundred years.

You constantly feel the feeling that someone is watching you ... You quickly go behind one of the houses and then an arrow flies behind you, looking back you see someone in the tower window, he immediately disappeared somewhere... But who is it?..
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