1. Cherry Blossom Spawn

    Cherry Blossom Spawn 1.0

    Product information: Very detailed Cherry Blossom Village spawn Size: 250 x 250 Versions: 1.20+ Interiors: Yes Spawnpoint 6 places for NPCs 6 places for Crates Square Fountain Lake Cave Castle and so much more.. Download: The product includes a schematic of the spawn, as well as the world...
  2. Dessert Icons Pack

    Dessert Icons Pack 1.0

    Product information: Nice looking 2D icons of desserts! Blueberry Cake Caramel Cake Pink Cake Strawberry Coctail Pink Ice Caramel Muffin Raspberry Muffin Orange Pancakes Fruit Waffles Cherry Waffles Download: Configurations: • ItemsAdder • Oraxen Also included: • Raw files • Usage guide +...
  3. Blossom Heaven

    Blossom Heaven Featured 1.0

    Product information: Nice-looking spawn with 1.20 blocks Size: 483x478 Versions: 1.20+ Interiors: Yes Spawnpoint 7 places for NPCs 3 places for Crates Fountain Catedral Interiors Fields Lake and so much more.. Download: Build can be loaded on any version 1.20+ and higher, versions below are...
  4. Spawn - Cherry Blossom - 115x115

    Spawn - Cherry Blossom - 115x115 1.12.2 - 1.20.4

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  5. XL Cherry Mine

    XL Cherry Mine 2023-09-24

    200 x 200 Cherry Prison Mine, built by Flexx47 on It contains the following elements: - 100x100x40 mining pit - spawn - NPC slots - infoboard - detailed houses The download file works on 1.19.4 up to latest version!
  6. China BedWars Map

    China BedWars Map 2016-07-12

    Dies ist eine Minecraft Bedwars Map für 4 Teams. Sie ist in einem chinesischen Stiel mit Kirschblütenbäumen gebaut. Auf jeder Insel stehen kleinere Gebäude, in denen das zu verteidigende Bett untergebracht ist. This is a Minecraft bedwars map for 4 teams. It is...