1. Mossy Mountain

    Mossy Mountain 1

    beautifull mossy mountain side with a cave made out of deepslate ore`s
  2. Ruined Labs + Huge Interiors

    Ruined Labs + Huge Interiors 2024-03-18

    400 x 350 'Ruined Labs' adventure map, built by DerpyDee_, AlieMeaningCZE, Misoh_ and Flexx47 on Be prepared for a high amount of detailed rooms that fit a pandemic or dystopian story.. Contains several Wake-Up-Rooms, Administrative Rooms, Information, Bathrooms, Canteen, Lab...
  3. Roman Spawn

    Roman Spawn 2023-10-10

    200 x 250 floating Roman Spawn, built by YUU and Flexx47 on Perfect to use as a cozy SMP spawn, but also works as hub.. The .Schematic will work seamlessly on 1.19 up to latest version!
  4. Dystopian Prison City

    Dystopian Prison City 2023-10-02

    900 x 900 detailed Dystopian Prisonmine Map, built by Misoh_, YUU and Flexx47 on Explore detailed houses, visit the shop and info corner, or just mine at the 100x100x40 pit.. The whole map is surrounded by barriers and should be pasted in between height 30-50! The .Schematic...
  5. Prestige Plot Spawn [100x100]

    Prestige Plot Spawn [100x100] 1.0.0

    Map Description Explore our meticulously designed Prestige-style Minecraft Spawn! A centered platform welcomes you, the gateway to endless possibilities. Curate every corner with NPCs or mesmerizing holograms. Wander freely in an immersive natural landscape. This spawn is your canvas to elevate...
  6. Lobby - Forgotten Island - 400x400

    Lobby - Forgotten Island - 400x400 Featured 1.0

    About the build! · Size - 400x400 which is perfect :) · Interiors - Yes, in the castle · Version - From 1.8 to 1.20 It contains: Easily manageable spawnpoint Places for 1-7+ NPCs Places for 1-5+ Crates Info Board, portal at the back Enough space for server stuff Grand white castle Flying...
  7. Desertpunk Whales Lobby

    Desertpunk Whales Lobby 2023-08-30

    Fantasy desertpunk whales lobby, built by Misoh_ on The map contains: - a spawn - 6 market stalls - 6 NPC stands (editable) - 5 crates (editable) - leaderboard - connecting parkour elements .Schematic works from 1.19.4+ !
  8. Secret Military Base

    Secret Military Base 2023-07-21

    Realistic Secret Military Base with mountain scenery, built by our member Misoh_ on .. Perfect as hub, waiting lobby or even pvp map ..
  9. Winter Wars Skypvp Map

    Winter Wars Skypvp Map 2023-07-19

    300 x 300 Skypvp Map in a Fantasy / Medieval style, built by our team member Misoh_ on .. Download contains a 1.17+ worldfolder and .schematic file!
  10. Cozy Skyworld Hub

    Cozy Skyworld Hub 1.0

    This lobby is built by SiriumMC's owner [GM]Wyse, who put alot of effort into building a natural 110% completed hub in a fantasy medieval theme. It contains: 4 NPC slots 2 CRATES a public nether portal a public enchanter an interior lobby for players to hang around including 3 market stalls...
  11. Fantasy TurtleTree Map/Spawn ONE TIME SALE

    Fantasy TurtleTree Map/Spawn ONE TIME SALE 1.12

    Fantasy spawn with multiple organics/town/pathing and detail everywhere. The path loop around in a circle and the houses have interior. People Spawn in a cave with a direct view to the turtle organic. Place for crates is near the cave. Map is to be pasted at height 40. Size is 370x370 exact...
  12. Premium City Lobby

    Premium City Lobby 1.0

    Disclaimer: The map must have /gamerule randomTickSpeed on 0 else the ferns, nether warts and leaves will disappear If you do not see the heads, please reconnect after you paste the schematic
  13. Medival Spawn / Lobby

    Medival Spawn / Lobby 2018-10-19

    Medival Spawn / Lobby Perfect for starting or upgrading your own server. Size: 100 x 100 x 68 blocks This build includes: • 4 portals • 8 small rooms • 12 npc spots • fully detailed Any questions? Please feel free to contact me. I'll be more than happy to answer them. If you have any...
  14. Medieval Factions Spawn

    Medieval Factions Spawn 2017-11-13

    Medieval Factions Spawn This is a medieval themed Factions spawn, that is extremely detailed and has an amazing look. The spawnpoint is in the center underneeth a dome, and from there you are surrounded by a castle-like structure, big towers, gates, walls. all extremely detailed and...
  15. Sandig - Skyblock Spawn

    Sandig - Skyblock Spawn 1.0

    Sandig - Skyblock Spawn Der Spawn beinhaltet: - Detaillierter Spawnpunkt - Platz für 4 Crates - 2 Info Boards - Shop / Marktplatz - Cobblestone Generator Beispiel Größe: 200x200 Blöcke Sandig - Skyblock Spawn The Spawn contains: - Designed Spawnpoint - Place for 4...
  16. Detailed Steampunk Lobby/Spawn

    Detailed Steampunk Lobby/Spawn 0.1

    Herzlich willkommen! Heute präsentiere ich euch ein detaillierten Steampunk / Industrial Spawn, perfekt gestaltet für kleine Server, um die Qualität ihrer Spawns zu erhöhen. Die Schematic enthält eine große Insel in der Mitte mit kleineren Inseln drum herum, zudem ein Wrack eines Schiffes. Alle...