1. Spawn - Survival Wonderland - 549x570

    Spawn - Survival Wonderland - 549x570 1.0

    PRODUCT INFORMATION ∎ Size: 549x5700 ∎ Version: 1.8 - 1.19+ ∎ Interiors: Yes ∎ Enchantments ∎ Wheat farms ∎ Windmill ∎ Fisherman ∎ Forge ∎ House with pub ∎ Markets ∎ 4 Crates ∎ 5 NPCs ∎ Colosseum ∎ Small cute red dragon ∎ and so much more.. DOWNLOAD you'll receive a .zip with: Schematic...
  2. Tropical Village - Minecraft Spawn

    Tropical Village - Minecraft Spawn 0.1

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: Size: ≈200x200 More screenshots here: Imgur Album 3D Viewinng: Click THE SPAWN HAS: 2 Portals 1 Tavern House 5 Crates 2 NPC 1 Market TOP Zone Enchanting table FILE FORMATS: World, .schematic IMPORTANT!!! Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0...
  3. Little Village - 2 Seasons lobby

    Little Village - 2 Seasons lobby 0.1

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: Size: ≈200x200 Little Village lobby with interior 5 NPS 2 CRATE 2 Season lobby More in-game screenshots here: Click ------------------------------------------
  4. Dragon Village - Minecraft Spawn

    Dragon Village - Minecraft Spawn 2023-02-27

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: Size: ≈200x200 More screenshots here: Imgur Album IN SPAWN HAVE: Market Zone Portal 2 House with interior 2 Crates 8 NPC Shop house Blacksmith house 1 Dragon FILE FORMATS: World, .schematic IMPORTANT Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 (because...
  5. -| HUB |- Kingdom of the Sea | 450x450

    -| HUB |- Kingdom of the Sea | 450x450 1.0

    Map information - 3D Model: Click Here Dimensions » 450x450 « Description The kingdom is built in a bay of the sea, it is protected with dams. Two dams leak water due to the collision of two ships and create a beautiful waterfall. Map is completely detailed and each house has its own details...
  6. Sci-Fi Laboratory

    Sci-Fi Laboratory 0.1

    HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN FIND Size: 100x100 Versions 1.16+ Interiors Yes Spawnpoint 5 NPC places Flying map Custom trees Cool laboratory very detailed Interiors and so much more..


    LOBBY - TROPICAL ISLAND version: 1.8+ interior: yes content: > 8 houses > 1 garrison + more cannons etc. > 1 market place > 3+ docks > many paths, caves and details to discover NOTICE >set gamerule "randomtickspeed" to "0" MORE BUILDS & TEMPLATES OVERVIEW INTERIOR...
  8. Lost Island - Game lobby

    Lost Island - Game lobby 1.8 - 1.12

    Lost Island - map in which attention was paid to details. This map has a place for NPC or any of your stuff, good walking areas for players, a bit of interior and unusual style! Size: 190x120 Questions:
  9. Rhapsody-class Spaceship | Full Prison Server Map

    Rhapsody-class Spaceship | Full Prison Server Map 1

    This futuristic escort carrier comes complete with a full interior centered around prison game modes, and is essentially an entire ready-to-play prison server contained in a ship. Inside, you'll find tons of futuristic rooms containing facilities common across most prison servers such as mines...
  10. Community

    Community 2017-03-02

    Community für jede Art von Server. Enthält 4 Screenboxen (10x10) auf der zweiten Etage. Erste Etage besteht aus einer Bühne und dem Spawnbereich. Gesamtgröße (~75x50) Medieval Community Map for anykind of server. Contains 4 Screenboxes (10x10) on the secound...
  11. Oriental Palace [Mini Server Lobby]

    Oriental Palace [Mini Server Lobby] V1.0

    "Oriental Palace" is a small structure with a nice natural interior, fits perfect for a small lobby. There are 4 ways to small rooms with 2 little side rooms each. In there you can easily put signs or a portal to enter different worlds. "Oriental Palace" ist eine kleine Struktur mit einem...