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Blue Forest

by HebaraMC


In stock:
512 blocks
512 blocks
215 blocks
512 x 512 Map based on a blue forest with custom tall trees and free spots for building.

This map include:
- Rivers and lakes with clay lilypads and vanilla lilypads apart of seagrass made of organics.
- Forest is made of custom tall trees and blue mushrooms.
- Mountains and cliffs areas made of cyan concrete powder and cyan concrete.
- Jungle bushes and plants around the areas.

Version: 1.12 and newest
Size: 512 x 512 blocks
Height: 215 blocks

This map is perfect mainly for Survival, PVP or Minigames.

If you have any question or problem with the map advise me on Discord: Hebara#7897

You can contact me on Discord for the newest version of the map on 1.16 (Vanilla seagrass and more 1.16 blocks on it)
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