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Oasis - Terrain Map

by HebaraMC |


In stock:
256 blocks
256 blocks
150 blocks
This map of 512x512 blocks was created using Worldmachine & Worldpainter, tools used for create environments for videogames, in this case Minecraft.

This map is a pre-made map custom for your server! Imagine players walking trhough the desert or playing pvp on the mesa cliffs. This map is Survival enabled, ores generation are on.

The map countains biomes like desert, mesa, savanah, extreme hills and plains.
As you can see the map contains rivers, lakes and other elements like custom trees and crops around the map.

You can modify the map as you want! That is the main opportunity of this terrain. You can build there your spawn or anything you want. Creativity is on your hand!

*The terrain in terms of terraforming is really small but probably could spend you more time to upload to your server*