1. BedWars Source like Rewi and TeamMLG

    BedWars Source like Rewi and TeamMLG SRC 1.0

    Generelles BedWars in modern networks: As in Rewinside, TeamMLG and AntiAC. I have connected all 3 servers and made them a plugin. Paper 1.19.2 - 1.20.1 Map setup Open the config.ae Paste this into maps: {} [ ironSpawner: { [ worldName: Name x: -20.0...
  2. DailyRewards [1.8X] [MySQL]

    DailyRewards [1.8X] [MySQL] 1.0

    Hey, schön das du auf mein Plugin gestoßen bist! Ich habe ein sehr professionelles und hochqualitatives DailyReward-Plugin geschrieben welches mit einer MySQL-Datenbank läuft. Commands: /dailyreward Worauf wartest du also noch? :) Schlag zu!
  3. Desert/forest PvP Map 300x300

    Desert/forest PvP Map 300x300 2023-07-08

    Discover desert and jungle biomes. Caves and pvp areas! ----------------------------------- map size: 300x300 theme: medieval ----------------------------------- ingame-pictures:
  4. Lobby/Spawn Castle Lobby

    Lobby/Spawn Castle Lobby 1.12

    ** Full detailed Castle Spawn Map By Astraxtia** **Version 1.12.X**
  5. Lobby/Spawn Royal Lobby

    Lobby/Spawn Royal Lobby 1.12

    **Royal Lobby/Spawn Map By Astraxtia** **Version 1.12.X
  6. Spawn/hub - Fantasy World - 350x350

    Spawn/hub - Fantasy World - 350x350 1.12 - 1.19

    PRODUCT INFORMATION ∎ Fantasy spawn/hub ∎ Size: ≈400x300 ∎ Version: 1.12 - 1.19+ ∎ Places for 5 NPCs (can be managed by you) ∎ Places for 5 Crates (can be managed by you) ∎ Spawnpoint ∎ Few structures and so much more.. Tip: Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 because the...
  7. StatsAPI [+SRC]

    StatsAPI [+SRC] 1.0

    Servus! Toll, das du Interesse für mein Produkt hast. Ich biete dir hier eine professionelle StatsAPI die was von mir programmiert wurde an. Sei dir bewusst, dass ein wenig Erfahrung vom Programmieren vorteilhaft wäre! Das Plugin bassiert auf der Version 1.16. Wichtige Informationen für die...
  8. Medieval House - Surrounded by water

    Medieval House - Surrounded by water 1.0

    Contents: Medieval House as schematic (1.19.2) =================================== Note: 1. The Object was build with the resourcepack "ALACRITY" 2. The Object contains no interior. ====================================
  9. Medieval Tavern

    Medieval Tavern 1.0

    Version Filetype 1.19+ schematic Note: 1. This Object was built with the resourcepack "ALACRITY" 2. This Object contains no interior.
  10. Skywars - Back To The Future (1.12 Blocks)

    Skywars - Back To The Future (1.12 Blocks) 1.12

    -Skywars map for 12 players. -Start islands have 3 chest (1.12 Blocks)
  11. CoinsAPI  + SourceCode [1.8-1.19.3]

    CoinsAPI + SourceCode [1.8-1.19.3] 1.0

    Hey, Ich habe eine CoinsAPI geschrieben welches das umgehen mit Geld auf den Minecraft-Servers EXTREM vereinfacht. Egal wo, man kann diese API in LobbySystemen, in Spielmodi, in Events oder was auch immer anwenden. Methoden siehe Anhang:
  12. Amazing Sunny Hub in Medival style

    Amazing Sunny Hub in Medival style 2022-12-30

    Amazing medival style sunny hub. Spawn suitable for all types or game modes. Sunny tropical island making an impressive impression Don’t wait, buy it as soon as possible.
  13. Small Christmas House Lobby

    Small Christmas House Lobby 1.18.2

    Title: "Mini Christmas Lobby" Description: The house is full from the inside!
  14. God of War III Hades Organic 1.16+

    God of War III Hades Organic 1.16+ 1.16+

    Minecraft organic based on the god of war trilogy hades character 250x250 blocks
  15. Prison Mines Pack

    Prison Mines Pack Featured 1.12

    The map is supported for versions 1.8 to 1.12 The size of each build is 100x100, and the small area is 42x42 /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 for the leaves
  16. End PvP Arena

    End PvP Arena 2022-11-13

    End PvP Arena - PvP square 71x71 blocks - Place for viewers around the arena - Many paths and parkours for viewers - Arena is secured by barrier blocks, so players cannot run away from the map - After downloading you will recieve 1.8/+ schematic with 1.8 blocks and 1.16/+ schematic with 1.16 blocks
  17. Bedwars - Green Lands

    Bedwars - Green Lands 2022-11-12

    A nature bedwars map for 8 players with diamond & emerald islands
  18. Summer Lobby

    Summer Lobby 1.17/+

    Summer Lobby - 5 NPC places close to spawnpoint + more places further - Parkour around the spawn - Two boards for informational banners / signs - Nice nature builds and other decortions
  19. Seasons Lobby | 4 Versions

    Seasons Lobby | 4 Versions 1.8/+

    What's there? - There are 4 lobbies in the pack; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter themed. 5 NPC (CUSTOMIZABLE) 5 Crates (CUSTOMIZABLE) Portal Two baby dragons builds A lot of space to explore Many houses Download After downloading You will recieve: WORLD SCHEMATIC* MCWORLD 1.8 1.8 -...
  20. Island Lobby (Summer & Winter)

    Island Lobby (Summer & Winter) 1.17/+

    What's there? - Versions 1.17/+ - Winter & Summer versions - Around 100x100 blocks - 5 NPC Places - Beautiful decorations - Nothing more! Simple, small lobby. Download - world file (winter & summer in one) - .schem file (summer) - .schem file (winter) Contact & Support Discord: click Our...