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Fantastic Pond

by History BuildTeam


In stock:
200 blocks
200 blocks
200 blocks
  • [​IMG]
    Very elaborate and beautiful map, with a dragon, a house in a pond, a river, mountains, trees, bridges, etc.
    The purpose of the map is a spawn of some minigame, such as skywars, bedwars, luckyislands, eggwars or similar.

    You can give the use that your server needs.

    Some time ago, in a small village near a pond, a girl lived. A girl, who was always going to bathe in the pond, one day, unfortunately, the girl was taking a bath and by an unconscious fall, the girl drowned, nobody knew her and she was an orphan and she was always alone, she had no friends. From that day, there was always a ghostly essence that is observed to people from the bottom of the swamp ...
    The girl whenever someone approached, offered her friendship.
    One day, a fisherman was fishing, out of nowhere, the little girl appeared from the pond and gave her a scare of death, that caused the fisherman to fall and drown in the pond.
    The little girl, repentant, gave him back his life, but with only one condition: The fisherman would always keep him company, but the fisherman didnt like it and refused, the enraged girl cursed him and turned him in a dragon. After years, the hatred of the fisherman turned into a dragon, made him congest himself in the air for eternity.
    Anyone who approaches the pond can observe the dragon flying.


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