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goBrush 3.0

by Arcaniax


In stock:
Requires Fast Async Worldedit !!!
Use /wea to bypass regions


goBrush is a plugin that's designed to streamline and simplify your mountain building experience.
Using heightmaps you can quickly and easily create stunning mountain ranges in minutes using
the premade designs or become more advanced and create your own custom heightmaps to make the experience even more unique.


- Left click with a flint to open the GUI, right click to place the heightmap
- Easy way to terraform using heightmaps
- Configurable settings inside of the config
- GUI that allows you to change all the settings
- Different Modes allow you to change the way it interacts
- It pulls up and pushes down any block type from the ground
- Support for PlotSquared
- 3D mode for directional shaping
- 18 free heightmap brushes to use
- create your own brushes
- gmask support to choose which blocks to pull
- Worldedit integration for //undo and //redo


Pull and Push
toggle between pushing and pulling, also works in 3D and has different effects when flat is enabled

Flat Mode
puts the maximum height at the block you click and brings
everything around it up to that height.

3D mode
pulls and pushes from the direction you are facing

Auto Rotation
will rotate the brush based on your cardinal rotation:
North, East, South and West. If disabled it will always be facing North.


/gb info
/gb toggle
/gb undo [number] -> //undo
/gb size [number]
/gb intensity [number]
/gb brush [FileName]

/gb export [FileName] - creates a new brush based on your worledit selection

/gb reload

allows you to use it in disabled worlds

allows you to go larger than the max size

allows you to go larger than the max intensity


  size: 15
  intensity: 4
  imgloresize: 20
# true = up, false = down
  directionMode: true
  3dmode: false
  flatmode: false
  autorotation: true
  brushenabled: false
  brushname: 'hills.png'
  size: 205
  intensity: 6
  - "add disabled worlds here"


Top donator:
@BuildersRefuge - mc.buildersrefuge.com 301

Donations above $5:
@CubeCraftGames - play.cubecraft.net 300
@Necrosys_Buildz 50
@Epicube_Fr - play.epicube.fr 30
@SolariMC - dawn.solariMC.com 25
@dennisbuilds 20
@TheBluehush4 20

@EverbloomEN 15
@moustafabanana 10
@rhonosbt 10
@AskineMC 5




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