JobsSystem (+ API) | MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL | PlaceHolderAPI & Vault Support | 1.17 - 1.20

JobsSystem (+ API) | MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL | PlaceHolderAPI & Vault Support | 1.17 - 1.20

Minecraft Version
  1. 1.20
  2. 1.19
  3. 1.18
  4. 1.17

About Jobs
The jobs system offers the possibility that your players can get XP for e.g. killing animals, which they can use to increase their wages. The interval at which wages are paid can of course be set in a simple configuration file like everything else.

The plugin supports Miner, Hunter, Woodcutter and Graves jobs. Due to the extensive configuration, you can also convert these jobs into your own jobs.
You can set yourself how high the wage should be for the jobs and there is also a ranking list for the respective jobs.

Of course, in addition to the extensive configuration file, a file with all messages, item names, inventory names and other messages is also available for the plugin so that you can adapt your language and your message design to your server.
Hex colors can be used in the format <#(hex-color)> in the messages.json.

- /job(s) - Open the jobs inventory
- /jobadmin - Manages the jobs plugin [Permission: jobs.admin]

In the JobsSystem we offer our own API so that you can make your own plugins compatible with the Jobs System.

You need at least Java 16 and Spigot to use Jobs System. Spigot versions 1.17.1 to 1.20.2 are supported. Other versions may also work, but we do not offer support for them.
Additionally you need a supported database system, the plugin offer support for MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
If you use a plugin such as Essentials or DKCoins, you also need the Vault plugin so that your players can receive their payment.
If you want to specify players_job as a parameter where, you need the PlaceholderAPI.

If you have any bugs, problems or other requests, please use the "Get Support" button to report them here on Chunkfactory.
First release

Latest updates

  1. 1.2.5 - MySQL migration fix

    In some situations, MySQL had problems migrating the table. These issues should now be resolved...
  2. 1.2.4 - Ignore cancelled block breaks

    This update introduces a small bug fix. Bugfixes If mining is prohibited by plugins like...
  3. Version 1.2.3 - Command tabbing

    With this update, the /jobs command no longer shows the players who are on the server as command...