ReportSystem (+ API) | MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL | Like MineSucht/Rewinside | 1.8 - 1.20

ReportSystem (+ API) | MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL | Like MineSucht/Rewinside | 1.8 - 1.20

Minecraft Version
  1. 1.20
  2. 1.19
  3. 1.18
  4. 1.17
  5. 1.16
  6. 1.15
  7. 1.14
  8. 1.13
  9. 1.12
  10. 1.11
  11. 1.10
  12. 1.9
  13. 1.8

About ReportSystem
The report system for BungeeCord has many functions that you need to be warned of rule breakers.
The plugin allows you and your server moderators to edit and punish the rule breakers reported by your players.

You have the option of adapting everything to your server yourself via a config.json and a messages.json.
Players with the report.bypass permission cannot be reported and players with the report.ignore.wait permission do not have to wait between reports (if you have set this up)

In addition, there is also an extensive API with which the ReportSystem can also be integrated into your own BungeeCord plugins. The documentation of the API as well as the API itself can be found in the purchase.

- /closereport - Closes a open report (Permission: report.manage / Aliases: Configurable)
- /joinreport - Enter an open report (Permission: report.manage / Aliases: Configurable)
- /nextreport - Enter the open report with the highest priority (Permission: report.manage / Aliases: Configurable)
- /reporthistory - Displays the report history of a name or UUID (Permission: report.history / Aliases: Configurable)
- /reportadmin - Manage the plugin (Permission: report.admin)
- /reportchat - Write a message in the Report Team Chat (Permission: / Aliases: Configurable / Command can be deactivated)
- /reports - Lists all open reports (Permission: report.list / Aliases: Configurable)
- /report - Report a player (and the team can log into the notification system / Aliases: Configurable)

The plugin requires a BungeeCord server as well as at least Java 11 or higher.
Additionally you need a supported database system, the plugin offer support for MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

If you have any bugs, problems or other requests, please use the "Get Support" button to report them here on Chunkfactory.
First release

Latest updates

  1. Version 2.2.4 - History Get

    When using SQL database systems, there could be problems reading out the report history via the...
  2. Version 2.2.3 - Disable Commands

    This release brings the ability to disable commands via the configuration file, as well as a few...
  3. Version 2.2.2 - Close Report Notification

    This update offers an extension of the API as well as the possibility that players who have...