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PvP / KitPvP map

by MrAniman2


In stock:
218 blocks
218 blocks
116 blocks
Beautiful pvp / kit pvp map with reasonably flat surface for pleasant Minecraft pvp experience. This map features unique and very interesting environment for players.

While building this I kept in mind many features you liked so much about my Angeron Kit PvP project, brownish theme, terrain, etc. But I also added many more things to hopefully make this pvp map even more entertaining. There are multiple areas to try to fit everyone’s play-style:
– Center part, reasonably flat without many obstacles, very open area;
– Right side, few lava pools, parkour elements and some castle ruins;
– Left side elevated mountain with some caves from where players can oversee most of the pvp area.

Main spawn area:
– Designated spawn platform;
– Shop/info area underground;
– Pads for few crates/NPC’s;
– Info board.

There are no grass, flowers, etc. that would get in players way.

Extra pictures (+ default) you can see here: https://imgur.com/a/PLqYcMU

Dimensions (approximately)

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