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Skyblock spawn + 12 starter islands

by MrAniman2


In stock:
200 blocks
200 blocks
150 blocks
This pack includes beautiful skyblock spawn made in fantasy medieval style with a small pvp arena that’s built near the main spawn island and a set of 12 skyblock starter islands (separate schematics) for you to choose from. This whole build matches the style of my previous build – PvP / KitPvP map.

Skyblock spawn features:
– PvP arena;
– Designated spawn platform;
– Multiple info boards;
– Fairly large shop area;
– Two small portals;
– Crate area;
– Few small rooms here and there.

12 starter islands have been picked from both of my skyblock islands packs “38 skyblock islands” and “Advanced skyblock islands“.

Extra pictures (+ default) you can see here: https://imgur.com/a/ONpHGgs

Dimensions (approximately)
150×150x150 (around 200x200 if you count in those small surrounding islands)

After purchase you will receive .zip file with 2 schematics (for 1.8+ and 1.13+) and 12 separate schematic with starter islands.

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