SkyWars Bundle #4

by NightlyOwls


In stock:
Skywars Maps
3D View recommended.


- The full size each of maps - 110х110
- 4 little maps for playing skywars mode
- 12 islands ballanced for an interesting game.
- 2 also ballanced middle islands for fuller immersion.
- 1 central island
- Spawn point & shelter
- Many positions with chests.
- A very bright and clean atmosphere that makes you feel free.
- A perfect mix of comfort and quality.

- For a more comfortable paste use AsyncWorldEdit.

To insert the schematic you should use MCEdit. You can find more detailed information here:

If you have any problems or questions, message us on our official Skype Nightly Owls and we will help you.

Made by Mikket with love :3 (team Nightly Owls)