1. Deepslate Chestroom

    Deepslate Chestroom 1

    This is the perfect chest room for your survival base. It contains an infinite number of chests that you could possibly replace with barrels! IMPORTANT! Only the inside and the glass dome are decorated, so that you can still build around the chest room. This also gives the possibility to place...
  2. Giant Blocks Spawn/Lobby

    Giant Blocks Spawn/Lobby 1

    Description A 177x83x337 Spawn/Lobby build made to beautify even more your minecraft server! Can be used in versions 1.8 up. The build is "Giant Blocks" themed and contains: * a portal hub * a enchanting/key opening place * a two floor parkour track (inside the double chests) * a free-to-build...
  3. BEDWARS MEGA Bundle #1 - 16 Maps

    BEDWARS MEGA Bundle #1 - 16 Maps 1.12+

    Includes: - Mondoa - Tanelorn - Kesy - Greened * - MyDemons - Chapel - Pinguins - TeaParty * - Honey - Colors - Appetizing - Bracer * - Wrail - Cubes - Grove - Gruffalo
  4. [BEDWARS PACK] 3x Bedwars Map 4x4x4x4

    [BEDWARS PACK] 3x Bedwars Map 4x4x4x4 1.0

    Cost: € 11.99 Includes: 3x Bedwars Map 1. Mario Map 2. Sand Castle Map 3. River Hut Map Additional Information: ❯ By purchasing this you will get a ❯ zip. file where be ❯ .schematic of the Bedwars Mario Map ❯.schematic of the Bedwars Sand CastleMap .schematic of the Bedwars River Hut Map...
  5. [Bedwars Map] Sand Castle 4x4x4x4

    [Bedwars Map] Sand Castle 4x4x4x4 1.0

    7.99€ Includes: 4 Start Island = Iron,Bronze Middle Island = 4x Gold Additional Information: ❯ By purchasing this you will get a ❯ .schematic of the Sand Castle Map IMPORTANT! Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 because the leaves from trees can fall down.
  6. Medieval Castle ❯ Spawn

    Medieval Castle ❯ Spawn 1.2

    Description: Spawn with mini castle Minecraft versions : 1.8+ - 1.16.+ 3D Model: HERE Includes: • Spawn • A lot of places to place NPC or ScoreBoards • 4x NPC places • 2x Crates • 1x Huge Portal • Castle (Enchant in) • SmallVillage • Spawn Point • Parkour • Port with shops Additional...
  7. Goblin Village | Lobby  [1.8 - 1.16.]

    Goblin Village | Lobby [1.8 - 1.16.] 1.1

    Description: It's a High Quality Lobby with Statues Minecraft versions : 1.8+ - 1.16.+ Includes: • Spawn • A lot of places to place NPC or ScoreBoards • Huge Village • Spawn Point • Exclusive 2x Statues Additional Information: ❯ By purchasing this you will get a ❯ .schematic of the Lobby ❯...
  8. Greece Medieval Spawn

    Greece Medieval Spawn 2021-08-01

    Description: It's High Quality Hub with amazing Coloseum where in is authme spawn Minecraft versions : 1.8+ Includes: • Spawn • A lot of places to place NPC or ScoreBoards • Coloseum • Big Village • Spawn Point Size: 173x173 Additional Information: ❯ By purchasing this you will get a ❯...


    ONETIME SALE - TREE BUNDLE version: 1.8+ content: 25 spruces in total 5 birches 5 small esps 5 oaks 10 spruces easy copying due to presorting in the grid MORE BUILDS & TEMPLATES
  10. Oreya Green garden! 200x200 Hub/Spawn

    Oreya Green garden! 200x200 Hub/Spawn 1.12.2

    Oreya Green Garden This nice symmetrical spawn/hub has 4 portals and size of it is 200x200. Great for any kind of server
  11. Large Fantasy Symmetrical spawn

    Large Fantasy Symmetrical spawn 1.12.2

    Large symmetrical fantasy spawn with lots of trees and multiple portals.
  12. Large Evil Spawn! Dark Fantasy

    Large Evil Spawn! Dark Fantasy 1.12.2

    Large spawn 700x700 terrain to explore and several smaller organics (skeleton dragons) and one huge castle with a spawning room inside. Watch showcase video here!
  13. fantasy steampunk castle

    fantasy steampunk castle 1

    Fantasy Castle Spawn The build includes: Castle artificial sea (glass) big mushrooms big trees bridge 6 Islands big lilypads space for things like loot crates etc. The Build is 400x400, With a 180x160 castle. The castle includes a huge clocktower and a bridge leading to an other tower on a...
  14. oriental spawn

    oriental spawn 1

    Oriental spawn The build includes: -big clock -huge tree -2 big scale structures -landscaping -dragon The theme of the build is Oriental, and it has a fantasy vibe on it. The build is in total 330x330. I build it by myself, and you cant buy this build anywhere else.
  15. Big server spawn/hub (exclusive!)

    Big server spawn/hub (exclusive!) 1

    this build is a big square wit 4 big buildings. If you want a impressive spawn, is this the ultimate spawn for you. On each building is a clock and a giant tower. You spawn in the middle of the square on an elevation, than you can go down with the stairs explore the spawn! I hope you like it...
  16. Apollo of temple-Spawn lobby/hub

    Apollo of temple-Spawn lobby/hub 1.12

    The product is perfect for server hubs and lobby The map uses sandstone design, These 3 buildings are designed in 3 different styles: Rome, Greece and Babylon THE MAP SIZE:891X891X256 To prevent your minecraft would not crash,;) please load the schematic by MCEDIT,not worldedit as the map is big
  17. Hyberg Hub/Lobby

    Hyberg Hub/Lobby v1

    Enthält: - Geschäfte - Platz für Geheimnisse - Kisten öffnen - NPC, um ein Spiel zu wählen - Parkour Plätze - Naturtunnel - Portal - Schöne Aussicht auf die Natur - Mehr organische Substanz 3D-Ansicht und Video Cinematic empfohlen Wenn Sie irgendwelche Probleme oder Fragen haben, senden Sie...
  18. Large Red Server Hub - 8 Portals

    Large Red Server Hub - 8 Portals 2018-01-05

    Large Red Server Hub - 8 Portals This is a large Server Hub that consists of 8 portals. The main theme is this nice extremely detailed structure with the main color being Red. The spawn area itself is filled with Nature/trees to give it a natural feel. There's a main spawn area that is connected...
  19. Hillarion - Very Large Hub

    Hillarion - Very Large Hub 2017-12-04

    Hillarion - Very Large Hub made by EnderManBuild It's a very big hub for your server. Includes: 2 spawn points for a choice 5 portals 6 armorstands and a lot of places for your own stuff!
  20. Skywars 8 islands 200 x 200

    Skywars 8 islands 200 x 200 1

    Hi there! Here, i present you a Skywars map 200x200 with 8 coloured islands. The build is a schematic, totally clean and symetric. Thank you to MrBatou for the render !