1. Roxarius - Faction Spawn

    Roxarius - Faction Spawn 0.1

    Roxarius - 215 x 215 Factions ready spawn. It's including a: - Designed spawn point, - enchanting site. - anvil site, - top 3 players stand, - two places to fill (Can be expanded by two more just rotating.), - 4 big interiors to fill.
  2. A new world (underwater universal spawn)

    A new world (underwater universal spawn) 2018-07-18

    Universal 250x250 underwater spawn/hub More images here: https://imgur.com/a/MPslVuK
  3. Spawn #1

    Spawn #1 2018-04-04

    This is a small spawn, size: 100x100. Players spawn on a platform in-front of the castle, and has the possibility to follow paths to all four directions. The spawn is multi-use, which means it could be utilized for everything from factions to survival.
  4. Medieval Spawn

    Medieval Spawn 1.7.X

    Spawn HCF, Factions, Survival - High Quality Theme: Medieval Size: 120x120 Compatible with version 1.7 and up More images in game: https://imgur.com/a/i2b67
  5. Hell Factions Spawn

    Hell Factions Spawn 2018-02-11

    Hell Factions Spawn This is factions spawn with a Hell/Nether theme. There are 4 exits with the North exit being different from the others to catch the eye more. In each corner there is room for for example crates, infoboards, etc. The main spawn area is in the center with 4 directions leading...
  6. Red - Dragon Factions/HCF Spawn

    Red - Dragon Factions/HCF Spawn 2018-01-05

    Red - Dragon Factions/HCF Spawn This is a spawn that can be used for both Factions and HCF, the main color is red and has lots of nature aspects. There's a dragon spitting fire over the spawn. There is a path leading to each exit (North South East West), with big signs marking each direction...
  7. Magical Hub/Factions Spawn

    Magical Hub/Factions Spawn 2017-12-19

    Magical Hub/Factions Spawn This is a Magical themed Hub, but can also be used as a factions spawn as it has 4 exits. The main colors are blue and purple, it features very detailed structures with many firepits ontop aswell. Overall aesthetic is fantastic, this build can be used for multiple...
  8. Atlantis Aqua Factions Spawn

    Atlantis Aqua Factions Spawn 2017-11-22

    Atlantis Aqua Factions Spawn This is a Factions Spawn with an Atlantis/Aqua theme. The spawn area is underneeth a dome in the center, surrounded by castle-like walls and towers in the corners. There's 4 exits leading to each direction, also marked with signs saying which direction it is above...
  9. King of The Hill (4 Maps Pack)

    King of The Hill (4 Maps Pack) 1.0

    These builds are meant to be used for faction servers as koth. Each koth is based on flat surface (for better pvp experience ) and features unique design. Dimensions for each koth: 100x100 Included four builds: plains, rocks, desert, oasis. MORE PICTURES you can view here...
  10. Medieval Factions Spawn

    Medieval Factions Spawn 2017-11-13

    Medieval Factions Spawn This is a medieval themed Factions spawn, that is extremely detailed and has an amazing look. The spawnpoint is in the center underneeth a dome, and from there you are surrounded by a castle-like structure, big towers, gates, walls. all extremely detailed and...
  11. Purple Universal Spawn

    Purple Universal Spawn 2017-11-09

    Purple Universal Spawn This is a purple themed Spawn that can be used for any fitting gamemode or minigame. Most recommended gamemode would be Factions, but again, this can be used for any gametype. [Size is approx~ 102x102]
  12. Greco-Roman Spawn

    Greco-Roman Spawn 2017-01-18

    Large classical multi-purpose spawn in a greco-roman architectural style. Four portals are places around the central spawnpoint, and provides a large open spawn with room for events, alterations, rewards chests or whatever suits the needs of your server. Give your players a good first...
  13. Gray server spawn/lobby

    Gray server spawn/lobby 1.8-1.10

    Here is a ~100x100 gray themed spawn/lobby, can be used as a factions,survival spawn, also as a lobby.
  14. Fantasy themed Server hub

    Fantasy themed Server hub v1.0

    Size: 160x160 Details: -Custom text above 4 portals (Prison/Creative/Survival/Factions) 4-8 Portals https://skfb.ly/RwoX
  15. Complete Server Bundle - Intoxicated

    Complete Server Bundle - Intoxicated 1.1

    Dieses Intoxicated Industrie Paket beinhaltet 5 epische Spawns und bilden somit einen kompletten Server: 200x200 Hub 200x200 Skyblock Spawn 200x200 Factions Spawn 200x200 KitPvp Spawn 100x100 Creative Spawn Diese Serie hat einen sehr außergewöhnlichen und seltenen Baustil. Wir bieten dir hohe...