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Fantasy Factions spawn and Warzone

by MrAniman2


In stock:
476 blocks
476 blocks
104 blocks
Faction Spawns
  • PLEASE NOTE! Sketchfab shows only the spawn area, warzone is not displayed as 3d model on SketcFab due to it's size but it is included in this product.
    Also keep in mind this is a large scale build! It's highly advised to use only [//paste -a] when pasting on the server!


    This build is meant to be used mainly as spawn area for faction servers.

    Spawn is fairly small but it's well built and includes most of the necessary things such as shop, mob pit, etc. Warzone is based on a flat surface for pleasant PvP experience. There are no grass or flowers which would be in players way. I have also placed an extra structure which can be used as koth near the edge of the warzone.

    Some of the features:
    - Shop (includes anvil and enchant areas)
    - Small mob pit
    - Designed spawn point
    - Area for crates near the spawn point
    - Couple of empty rooms around the spawn for your needs (info, etc.)
    - Unique design, not copy/rotate/paste
    - Nether portal

    - Flat and well designed for smooth pvp
    - Various interesting details/decorations (rock formations, trees, airships etc)
    - Structure/koth integrated into warzone

    EXTRA PICTURES: https://imgur.com/a/CCxWQjP

    DIMENSIONS: Spawn 76x76, Warzone 200 blocks each direction from spawn.
    Size of the whole build: 476x476 (approx.)

    (!) This build is partially compatible with 1.7.2 (only minor issues like fences missing in few spots) and fully compatible starting from Minecraft version 1.8+.
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