1. Hub - Orange Kingdom - 450x450

    Hub - Orange Kingdom - 450x450 1.0

    Map information - 3D Model: Click Here Dimensions » 450x450 « - Map contains ❖ Place for 6 NPCs ❖ Spawn point ❖ Houses ( without interior ) ❖ Walls ❖ Port ❖ Ship ❖ Islands ❖ Forest ❖ Bridge ❖ Fire ❖ Castle ❖ Towers ❖ Big gate ◈ and much more... Download Files Zip. File Schematic...
  2. Chests Icons Pack

    Chests Icons Pack 1.0

    Product information: Nice looking 2D icons of chests! Blue Chest Brown Chest Diamond Chest Golden Chest Green Chest Light Blue Chest Mystery Chest Orange Chest Pink Chest Red Chest Wooden Chest Download: Configurations: • ItemsAdder • Oraxen Also included: • Raw files • Usage guide +...
  3. Halloween Bundle #1 - Dragon Orange Village

    Halloween Bundle #1 - Dragon Orange Village 1.0

    Product information: This pack includes two lobbies listed bellow: - Dragon Orange Village (click) - Halloween Dragon Orange Village (click) Twitter: Store: © BreadBuilds
  4. Medieval Town

    Medieval Town 1.1

    Product information: Precisely finished medieval town with red dragon Total size: 886x1034 Size of the main island: 630x775 Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ Interiors: Yes Spawnpoint Drop-down portal 10 places for NPCs 4 places for stats PvP arena Enchanting room Shop markets 5 places for shop NPCs Throne...
  5. -| HUB |- Monir Town | 200x200

    -| HUB |- Monir Town | 200x200 1.0

    Map information - 3D Model: Click Here Dimensions » 200x200 « Description Monir Town is built in a style of white and orange colors, which is a bit reminiscent of the Greek style. It has a spawn point that is in front of 3 NPCs, and on the sides is a place for crates - Map contains ❖ Place...
  6. Tiger organic

    Tiger organic 1.18.2

    very nice tiger with cheap price ;p
  7. Lobby - Simple lobby - 180x180

    Lobby - Simple lobby - 180x180 0.1

    Product information: Looking for something cute and simple? This is just waiting for you Size: 180x180 Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ Spawnpoint Parkour Market area (shops) 2 Crates places (editable) 3 NPC places (editable) Flying island Custom trees Nice houses and so much more.. Download: Build...
  8. Lobby - Fantasy Medieval - 310x320

    Lobby - Fantasy Medieval - 310x320 1.2

    Product information: Size: 310x320 Interiors: Yes Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ 1 big Portal End, Nether portal KOTH/PvP arena Mines Interiors Shops Wheat, carrot farms 10 Crates (editable) NPC places and so much more.. Download: Build can be loaded on any version 1.8+ and higher, versions below...
  9. Halloween - Dragon Orange Village

    Halloween - Dragon Orange Village 1.0

    Product information: Size: ≈ 470x470 Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ Interiors: Yes Places for 3 NPCs (can be managed by you) Big place for one crate Places for server stuff Designed spawn area Small square Islands in the water Big trees Village Few structures Organic Dragon and so much more...
  10. Lobby/Spawn - Orange Village - [450x450]

    Lobby/Spawn - Orange Village - [450x450] 1.0

    Lobby/Spawn - Orange Village - [450x450] Informations : ➔ Size : 450x450 ➔ MC version : 1.8 - 1.20 ➔ Spawn Area ➔ 5x NPCs ➔ 3x Crates ➔ 2x Holograms ➔ Village ➔ Castle ➔ Free place... ➔Download folder contain : Schematic: ㅤWorld:ㅤ ➔ 1.8+ ➔ 1.8+ ➔ 1.12+ ➔ 1.12+ ➔ 1.16+ ➔ 1.16+ ➔...
  11. Aertus Hub/Lobby | High-Quality - 300x250

    Aertus Hub/Lobby | High-Quality - 300x250 1.0

    DESCRIPTION RESOURCE : A detailed hub, with an unusual island, a village, an area with places for NPCs, there is also a mine, and beautiful worked-out places on the island. VERSIONS : 1.12 SIZE : ~300x250 FOR SERVERS : 7 NPC PLACE 2 CRATES SCHEMATICS : 1.8 (soon) 1.12 1.13-1.18 (soon)...
  12. Tropical Town

    Tropical Town 1

    Hub contains - 7 NPC Stands - 2 Case chests - Spawn Point
  13. Lobby Dragonhold Fort ➔ 500x600

    Lobby Dragonhold Fort ➔ 500x600 1.1

    Information: > The map is supported for versions 1.8 - 1.18+ > On the map is place for 7 NPC's (can be managed by you) > Place for 2 Crates (can be managed by you) > Place for 3 info boards > Market areas (more than 18 market tents) > Villages with interiors > Beautiful giant orange castle > 2...
  14. OrangeCastle - Minecraft HUB/Spawn

    OrangeCastle - Minecraft HUB/Spawn 0.2

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: Size: = 760x760 More screenshots here: Imgur Album 3D Viewinng: Click THE HUB HAS: 5x NPC 2x Crates 2x House with interior (Shop, Tavern) Sea Port Big Castle FILE FORMATS: World file IMPORTANT!!! Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 (because the...
  15. Orange Detailed Serverhub 4-Portal

    Orange Detailed Serverhub 4-Portal 2019-01-06

    A nice very detailed serverhub with 4 portals, main spawn area is in the middle leading to all gates, is the highest point in the build marking the centre, lots of space for extras etc!
  16. Autumn Small Hub

    Autumn Small Hub 1.12.2

    Small Autumn themed hub with houses and a portal room. This hub/lobby can be planted on ocean or leave it just to float in air.
  17. Orange Medieval HCF Spawn

    Orange Medieval HCF Spawn 2017-12-19

    Orange Medieval HCF Spawn This is a HCF spawn with a main Medieval & Fantasy theme, with the main color being orange. The map features a main spawning area with 4 paths leading to each direction. There is a crates area, food area, donators area and a shop. [Size approx~ 150x150]
  18. Small Orange Server Hub

    Small Orange Server Hub 2017-12-19

    Small Orange Server Hub This is a small hub for a server, the main theme is nature and there is multiple castle-like structures. Main color is orange. There is a main spawning platform which leads to three portals. [Size approx~ 80x80] ❃This product was not made by me but was bought...
  19. Red 2D Opener Template

    Red 2D Opener Template introm03

    Beim Kauf erhälst du eine After Effects Datei. - Du benötigst nur 2 Klicks um den Text zu ändern. - Du benötigst mindestens After Effects CS4. - Die Musik ist änderbar. Beispielvideo You receive a After Effects file...
  20. Wallpaper Flatart Sunrise Giant

    Wallpaper Flatart Sunrise Giant wallpaperz01

    Ein Wallpaper im Flatart Style: Größe: 1980x1080 Here is a simple Flatart Wallpaper, which can be used for everything you want. Scale: 1980x1080