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  1. Nortron - Christmas Version

    Nortron - Christmas Version 0.1

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: All In-Game Screenshot Here THE LOBBY HAS: 4x Crates 5x NPC 1x Big Castle Farm zone Port zone square and decorations FILE FORMATS: .schematic IMPORTANT!!! Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 (because the leaves from trees can fall down)
  2. Christmas Lobby - 300x300

    Christmas Lobby - 300x300 1.0

    INFORMATION 5x NPC's FILES This map was made in the 1.20 version but can be used in all versions 1.8 and above. It is necessary to remember that the map images are from the 1.20 version, so the map may look different in versions lower than 1.20 Downloadable Files: schematic files world files...
  3. Christmas Village Lobby

    Christmas Village Lobby 1.0

    MAP INFORMATION File Format ➔ .schematic SIZE ➔ 150 x 150 Portal Area ➔ True Version ➔ 1.12+ NPC Area Amount ➔ Five Detailed ➔ True Crate Area ➔ High Quality ➔ True
  4. Cartoon Land - Christmas Version

    Cartoon Land - Christmas Version 0.1

    RESOURCE INFORMATION: All In-Game Screenshot Here THE SPAWN HAS: 1x Santa Claus Workshop Interior in all houses 1x Portal 7x NPC 5x Crates 1x Auto Mine 1x PvP Arena 8x Place for NPC (near the spawn point) 1x Blacksmith Place (market) 1x Bow Man Place (market) 1x Wizard Place (market) 1x Witch...
  5. Winter Survival Wonderland

    Winter Survival Wonderland 1.0

    Product information: Lovely castle full of wonders Size: 549x570 Interiors: Yes Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ Enchantments Wheat farms Windmill Fisherman Forge House with pub Markets 4 Crates 5 NPCs Colosseum Small cute red dragon and so much more.. Download: Build can be loaded on any version 1.8+...
  6. Kingdom Seasonal |370x383|

    Kingdom Seasonal |370x383| Featured 1.0

    Description: • It is High Quality Lobby with amazing big castle and village with all requirements ! • Size : 370x383 • Minecraft versions : 1.8+ - 1.19.+ 3D MODEL : HERE Includes: • Spawn Pouint • Places for 5x NPC • Shop Area • Harbour • Fish Area • Enchant Area 2x • Space for your needs...
  7. Kingdom Lobby | 500x500

    Kingdom Lobby | 500x500 1.0

    What's there? Versions 1.8 - 1.19/+ Size: 500x500 blocks Winter & Summer version Houses with interiors 5 Places for NPC's Portal Parkour Huge red dragon Download After downloading, You will recieve: WORLD SCHEMATIC* 1.8 1.8 1.16 1.16 1.19 1.19 *Schematic of normal and winter...
  8. Medieval Castle Spawn - 1352x744

    Medieval Castle Spawn - 1352x744 1.0

    INFORMAÇÕES DO MAPA Formato do arquivo ➔ .Esquema/Mundo Tamanho ➔ 1352x744 Tema ➔ Medieval Versão ➔ 1.8+ Área Npc ➔ Verdadeiro Área da Loja ➔ Verdadeiro Tipo de mapa ➔ Spawn Alta qualidade ➔ Verdadeiro © 2022 Minelc Construções. Todos os direitos reservados.
  9. Medieval Ice Castle Hub - 380x290

    Medieval Ice Castle Hub - 380x290 1.0

    MAP INFORMATION FIle Format ➔ .Schematic SIZE ➔ 380x290 Theme ➔ Frozen Version ➔ 1.12+ Npc Area ➔ False Portal Area ➔ True Map Type ➔ Hub High Quality ➔ True © 2022 Minelc Builds. All rights reserved.
  10. Night King Statue

    Night King Statue 2023-02-11

    This is a large statue of Night King, suitable as a epic decoration for your server or map. Size 30-110-60 For servers from 1.8 to 1.20 + Take a look at my other projects (300+) See screenshots before purchase! If you have questions, write to us. Quack quack ...
  11. Huge Sci-fi Faction

    Huge Sci-fi Faction 1.0

    Product information: Attention: This build has huge dimensions, make sure your server can load big worlds/schematics before buying. Size: ~999x999 Versions: 1.12 - 1.20+ Players can walk on the ocean - the water is covered by blue glass blocks Spawnpoint Place for crates (editable) Places for...


    Mining area : 35x35x35 /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 for the leaves. A cute prison mine detailed for winter with fir trees, houses and an organic of deer.
  13. Lobby - Arctic Village

    Lobby - Arctic Village 1.0

    Product information: Frozen village covered by ice and snow Size: 300x330 Versions: 1.18 - 1.20+ Interiors: Yes (first floor only) Spawnpoint Place for crates (editable) 11 NPC places (editable) Flying island Custom trees Nice houses Interiors and so much more.. Download: Build can be...
  14. Winter lobby - Simple lobby - 180x180

    Winter lobby - Simple lobby - 180x180 1.0

    Product information: Looking for something cute and simple? This is just waiting for you Size: 180x180 Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ Spawnpoint Parkour Market area (shops) 2 Crates places (editable) 3 NPC places (editable) Flying island Custom trees Nice houses and so much more.. Download: Build...
  15. Small Christmas House Lobby

    Small Christmas House Lobby 1.18.2

    Title: "Mini Christmas Lobby" Description: The house is full from the inside!
  16. Christmas Animated Set

    Christmas Animated Set 1.2

    Product information: Stunning Christmas set ready to suit you - weapons and tools Tools and weapons are animated with particles Included: Axe Bow Greatsword Hammer Hoe Hat Chest Key Pickaxe Scythe Shovel Spear Staff Sword Trident Chestplate Leggings Boots Download: Configurations: •...
  17. AdventGeschenke

    AdventGeschenke 1.0.0

    Auf dem ganzen Server Geschenke verstecken und den Spieler finden lassen. Dieser kann eingestellte Belohnungen erhalten über einen Command, eigenes Coin-System oder das verial Coin-System. Das System ist serverübergreifend und synchronisiert sich unter allen Servern. Der perfekte Spaß für die...
  18. AdventSchnee

    AdventSchnee 1.0.0

    Es weihnachtet nun mittlerweile auf den meisten Minecraft-Servern. Das AdventSchnee Plugin sorgt für weihnachtliche Stimmung auf deinem Minecraft-Server und spielt um alle Spieler coole Schnee-Partikel ab. Das AdventSchnee Plugin ist komplett einstellbar. Dichte, Menge, und Reichweite der...
  19. Winter Magical Village

    Winter Magical Village 1.0

    Product information: Incredible purple lobby surrounded by water Size: 700x700 Interiors: Yes Versions: 1.8 - 1.20+ Winter decorations 1 info table Places for 5 NPCs (editable) Places for 4 Crates (editable) Places for custom stuff Parkour Market area Interiors Windmill and fields Villages...
  20. Winter Bundle #8 - Magical Village

    Winter Bundle #8 - Magical Village 1.0

    Product information: This pack includes two lobbies listed bellow: - Magical Village (click) - Winter Magical Village (click) Twitter: Store: © BreadBuilds